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Williams Sonoma's Bridgerton Collection

Devotees of "Bridgerton" now have a splendid excuse to unveil their most elegant tea sets and throw a regal holiday gathering. This widely-loved Netflix series, set in the 1800s and renowned for its anachronistic elements that captivate contemporary audiences, recently announced the premiere date for Season 3 in May 2024. In the interim, Williams Sonoma, the esteemed kitchenware and furniture company, has disclosed a partnership with "Bridgerton" to elevate your celebrations to a noble level.

Following the success of "Bridgerton"-inspired teas from The Republic of Tea ahead of Season 2, Williams Sonoma's latest collaboration promises to enhance your tea time spread. The assortment encompasses beverages like tonic and lemonade, baking mixes for essential tea time treats, and a delightful array of confections. The collection is rounded off with exquisitely designed napkins and tablecloths. Similar to previous collaborations with popular shows and films, such as "Harry Potter," the "Bridgerton" collection is a Williams Sonoma exclusive, with certain items available in limited quantities.

Resembling a direct extension of the "Bridgerton" set, the Williams Sonoma Bridgerton collection caters to both refined tea parties and glamorous soirées. The collection features an array of scones, including a Strawberry Scone Mix for those keen on baking them afresh, and a set of 10 Mini Scones with five distinct flavors, including Earl Grey and blackberry-lavender. For those with a penchant for opulent desserts, the Assorted Chocolate Truffles on Chocolate Tray, priced at $64.95, are a delectable choice—hand-painted with Italian chocolate and presented on a stunning golden tray made of chocolate itself.

No festivity is complete without delightful beverages, and this collection presents options such as the Blood Orange Blossom Fizz—a subtly sweet, sparkling beverage blending citrusy and floral notes. Williams Sonoma suggests using it for cocktails or adding it to sparkling water for a non-alcoholic alternative. For afternoon tea hosts, the Bridgerton collection introduces Lavender Honey, imparting a distinctive aroma and sweetness when stirred into teas or drizzled over scones.

The launch of Williams Sonoma's "Bridgerton" collection coincides with the release of International Delight's Bridgerton Coffee Creamer flavors. With these coffee creamers and the Williams Sonoma collection, ardent "Bridgerton" fans can infuse a touch of nobility into every coffee, tea, or cocktail-drinking affair.


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