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Winner Crowned in the 2023 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts!

Earlier this month, we shared an article urging our readers to vote for their favorite rescue animals in the 5th Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts. Thousands of rescue pet parents across the nation submitted photos of their pets in hopes to be awarded the starring role in the 2023 Cadbury Clucking Bunny Easter commercial, $5,000 and a $5,000 donation to an animal shelter of their choosing.

Yesterday, March 21, the winner was chosen! After receiving an impressive number of votes, Crash the Cat from Boise, Idaho, was named the winner of the contest. The press release states, "Crash was rescued after a devastating car accident where he was severely injured and left with one eye. As he began to heal at a local shelter, his quirky, outgoing personality made everyone quickly fall head over heels for him, leading Crash to become their resident shelter cat. Crash charms and impresses people as they visit the shelter, performing tricks like high five – the purfect preparation for his starring role in the upcoming Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial."

Maddie Corey, Crash's owner, said about Crash's win, "We are jumping with joy to hear Crash is the next Cadbury Bunny but not surprised as he is always the center of attention in any room. He's been through so much over the past few years and we appreciate the love his friends, family and cat enthusiasts across the country have shown...We can't wait to see Crash take center stage for this year's Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial and share his story with the world."

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