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Woodford Reserve and Compartés Unveil New Bourbon-Inspired Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day just got a whole lot sweeter with the thrilling collaboration between Woodford Reserve, the renowned American whiskey distillery celebrated for its Double Oaked Bourbon, and Compartés, the avant-garde chocolate company based in Los Angeles. Together, they've unveiled a daring and delicious product tailor-made for the romantic occasion.

In this exclusive partnership, Compartés has ingeniously crafted four distinct chocolates to harmonize with the robust flavors of Woodford Reserve's Double Oaked Bourbon. The Butterscotch chocolate accentuates the drink's rich coffee notes, while the Pear Nutmeg chocolate highlights its spicy, floral warmth. To complement the wood spice and tobacco flavors of the bourbon, Compartés introduces an Oak Smoked Salt Caramel chocolate, and for the perfect pairing with the bourbon's maple and brown sugar nuances, there's the Maple Pecan chocolate.

Available as a bundle that includes a 750-ml bottle of Woodford Reserve's Double Oaked Bourbon, this exquisite offering is exclusively offered on Reserve Bar for $87.94. Alternatively, if you find yourself near Woodford Reserve's distillery in Versailles, Kentucky, seize the opportunity to indulge in the "Indulge The Senses" tour, where you can savor these delectable chocolates and whiskey. Limited tickets are available for $40 each, and advance purchase is recommended through the Woodford Reserve website.

The brainchild of the collaboration is none other than the visionary minds of Woodford Reserve's Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall and Compartés chocolatier Jonathan Grahm. McCall, who made history as Woodford Reserve's first female Master Distiller in 2023, praises Grahm as a "true genius and artist." Grahm, listed in Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2012, is credited with transforming Compartés into an award-winning, avant-garde chocolate brand since taking the reins in 2012.

As McCall's inaugural Valentine's Day as Woodford Reserve's Master Distiller, this collaboration marks an exciting venture into new territory for both her and the brand. The marriage of chocolate and whiskey, curated by these two industry giants, promises a classy and delectable experience for foodie couples celebrating Valentine's Day. With the tantalizing tasting notes of wood, spice, and florals in the chocolates aligning seamlessly with the flavors found in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, this collaboration invites us to savor the exquisite harmony of two worlds coming together in a perfect blend.


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