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World Cheese Award 2023, 15 Medals for the von Mühlenen Family

Press release 30-10-23

All information from Affineur Walo

The Swiss affineur Walo receives 11 awards at the World Cheese Award in Trondheim, Norway. The cheeses of Antoine the cheese artist, according to recipes from the 17th century, have received 2 awards and the cheeses of the Gabriel cheese factory have also received 2 awards.

The World Cheese Award takes place annually at different locations and this year was on 28.10.2023 in Trondheim, Norway. Over 4000 cheeses were evaluated by an international jury and the best cheeses received an award. The best of the best cheeses is a blue cheese from Norway.

There's something very special about Swiss Flower Meadow cheese.

Made with natural raw milk, it unfolds the unique taste and diversity of the flower meadows. It not only convinces in terms of taste, but also offers many health benefits, as vitamins, trace elements and lactic acid bacteria are preserved, and flower meadows with their insects and birds are important for biodiversity. The von Mühlenen family offers three unique ranges under this label

  1. From L'Antoine the cheese artist, cheese according to the original recipes from the 17th century, for genuine pleasure.

  2. From Affineur Walo, cheese based on the ideas and recipes of the Affineurs family of mills, awarded numerous awards, for the highest quality.

  3. From the Gabriel cheese dairy, cheese specialities from St. Gallen

The von Mühlenen family:

The von Mühlenen family has been at the service of Swiss cheese production for almost two centuries. Andreas von Mühlenen laid the foundation stone for this in Bern in 1867. In 1996, Walo von Mühlenen took over the business in what is now the fifth generation. Since 2020, Fabiola and Andreas have been the 6th generation to be active.

With this long tradition in cheesemaking, it is hardly surprising that the von Mühlenen family and their team have already won numerous awards in previous years. The most important are certainly the World Champion titles in 1992, 2002 and 2005 at the World Cheese Awards, the three World Champion titles at the World Championships 2006 in Wisconsin, as well as the Supreme Champion award at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich.

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