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World's Largest Pizza Pie

You know the saying, 'bigger is better'? When it comes to pizza, Pizza Hut is taking that motto to the next level.

This well-known and beloved pizza chain is really upping its game in 2023. They partnered with a popular Youtuber to celebrate a milestone for him and to even break a Guiness World Record together!

Pizza Hut is now the proud owner of the Guiness Book of World Records title for "World's Largest Pizza" after making a pie on January 18 that spanned nearly 14,000 square feet in Los Angeles.

Using a whopping 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, more than 8,000 pounds of cheese, and nearly 630,496 pepperonis, the dish was fully assembled, topped, and cooked in pieces at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Baked to perfection using Pizza Hut's "The Big New Yorker" recipe and donated to several local charities after completion. A total of 67,000 pieces of pizza were created, according to David Graves, president of Pizza Hut.

A team of workers spread out across the convention center floor to construct the massive pizza.

Due to popular demand, Pizza Hut recently announced the return of "The Big New Yorker" pizza for the first time in 24 years! This 1990's staple is an extra-large pizza that includes 6 oversized, foldable slices with crispy crust and bold flavors - sweet marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning - just like they serve at an authentic New York pizzeria!


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