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[ yellow tail ] Sangria

[ yellow tail ] sangria photo via [ yellow tail ] website

Sangria is a wine punch, a traditional drink of Spain and Portugal. The name sangria comes from sangre, the Portuguese word for blood. This spiked punch usually mixes in red wine, simple syrup, a few drops of brandy and chopped fruit. The wine can be any inexpensive type that is light, dry, and young, but red is preferred.

Delicious & fruity sangria

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to [ yellow tail ] Sangria, a beautiful premium red wine with a splash of bursting mandarin blending with orange citrus flavors and a hint of red fruits, a party starter in a bottle!

This summer we plan to enjoy ourselves at the beach with some ice, this delicious Yellow Tail Sangria, lemons, oranges, and other bright fruits, all mixed together in a jug for pure bliss!

[ yellow tail ] wine is made by the sixth generation of the Casella family in the small country town of Yenda, Australia. In 1957 founders Filippo and Maria Casella migrated from Sicily and arrived on Australian shores. As they began the winery in 1969, they kept the family's winemaking philosophy at heart; to bring family and friends together at any occasion!

It was this approach that inspired John Casella's vision for [ yellow tail ] in 2001; to demonstrate that wine could be fun, easy to choose, easy to drink, and easy to understand! [ yellow tail ] is an approachable wine that everyone can enjoy, you don't have to be an expert wine enthusiast to enjoy deliciousness😁

Today, John Casella continues to run the family business with compassion and understanding of the Italian heritage with a relaxed and modern Australian attitude. [yellow tail ] provides a beautiful variety of wines that have wide appeal and will be enjoyed for generations to come!


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