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Firefly Farms
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Image by Firefly Farms via their Facebook.

Discover the artisanal craftmanship of Firefly Farms in Accident, Maryland! This distinguished creamery has garnered acclaim not only for its exceptional cheeses but also for its unwavering commitment to simplicity, quality, and community well-being.

At the heart of Firefly Farms' success lies their dedication to using only four simple ingredients in their cheese-making process. Free of additives, preservatives, or stabilizers, their cheeses are a testament to the belief that purity enhances flavor. What sets Firefly Farms apart is their insistence on using cultures and enzymes, including vegetarian rennet and surface ripening cultures, that are free of bio-engineered or genetically modified ingredients. The hands-on approach to cheese-making at Firefly Farms is more than a technique; it's a philosophy. Unlike many modern operations that rely on machines, Firefly Farms produces its entire line of goat and cow milk cheeses by hand. Apprenticed cheese makers meticulously scoop, turn, salt, wash, and brush each cheese, ensuring that every wheel is crafted with care and attention to detail. 


This commitment to manual craftsmanship goes beyond the creamery's walls. Situated in the northern Appalachian Mountains, where job opportunities are scarce, Firefly Farms aims to generate employment and provide training in cheese-making. Their belief in the symbiotic relationship between personal success and community well-being drives them to support their neighbors.


In 2015, Firefly Farms took a giant leap toward sustainability by installing a 27.72-kilowatt solar array on the creamery's roof. This infusion of solar energy not only aligns with their dedication to environmental responsibility but also adds a unique touch of Garrett County's sunshine to every bite of their cheese. The solar initiative was complemented by an upgrade of lighting and electrical switches, incorporating low-voltage fixtures and motion detector switches to maximize energy conservation.


The creamery's commitment to sustainability extends to its whey management. Firefly Farms captures "leftover" whey in a specialized closed system, diverting it from public sewers or septic systems. This protein-rich liquid is refrigerated, collected by local farmers, and repurposed as feed for livestock or nutrient-dense fertilizer for fields, forging a sustainable cycle that benefits both the creamery and the community.

Firefly Farms recognizes the invaluable role that local farmers play in their success. Originally starting with their own goat herd, the creamery now collaborates closely wtih family farms in the community to source fresh goat and cow milk. Rigorous testing is conducted on every milk shipment, ensuring the ongoing improvement of milk qu ality, a direct contribution to the excellence of Firefly Farms' cheeses. The farmers supplying milk to Firefly Farms adhere to high standards, refraining from using sub-clinical antibiotics, hormones, or animal feeds treated with chemical fertilizers. Firefly farmers understand that the health and well-being of their herds directly translate into the superior quality of their cheeses.

Since launching their line of artisan goat cheeses in 2002, Firefly Farms has accumulated over one-hundred and twenty-seven national and international awards. From beloved Cabra La Mancha, a washed rind goat's milk variety, to the spruce-wrapped Merry Goat Round, each cheese is a testament to Firefly Farms' unwavering commitment to excellence, simplicity, and the well-being of their community.

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