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Fromagerie du Purdeau

In the French countryside, Denis and Nathalie Lamire embarked on a journey that transformed their lives and gave birtih to the renowned Fromagerie du Purdeau. Denis and Nathalie, although not hailing from an agricultural background, shared a profound love for the outdoors and animals. This shared passion led them to delve into agricultural studies, setting the stage for their future endeavors. In 1996, they took a bold step and purchased a small farm, equipped with 100 goats and an old tractor. Little did they know that this modest beginning would lay the foundation for an exceptional venture in the world of artisanal cheese.

The turning point for Fromagerie du Purdeau occurred in2 011 when Denis and Nathalie decided to establish a cheese factory on the farm. The cheese-making journey commenced, marking the birth of a remarkable culinary enterprise. Today, their goat building is home to 180 Alpine goats, showcasing the couple's commitment to sustainable farming practices.

One of the unique aspects of Fromagerie du Purdeau is their dedication to the entire process of cheese production. Denis and Nathalie not only raise goats for the partial renewal of their goat herd but to also produce a delightful array of cheeses and yogurts made from pure goat's milk. The emphasis on quality and authenticity is evident in every step of their cheese-making journey. 


The cheese-making process at Fromagerie du Purdeau involves several meticulous stages, and the maturation period is a testament to the couple's patience and commitment to crafting exceptional products. The Fromagerie boasts a diverse range of goat cheeses, including fresh, natural, or herbed varieties, as well as mature cheeses and delectable goat's milk yogurts.

Fromagerie du Purdeau's commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Regular participation in regional competitions has earned them several accolades, with bronze and silver medals adorning their collection. These awards serve as recognition of the couple's unwavering dedication to creating cheeses of unforgetable quality and flavor. 


The Fromagerie is not just a business for Denis and Nathalie; it is a labor of love that reflects their respect for the land, the animals, and the art of cheese-making. Visitors to Fromagerie du Purdeau not only get to savor exceptional goat cheeses but also witness a genuine connection between the farmers, their goats, and the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

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