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Fromagerie Jacquin
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Fromagerie Jacquin has been a guardian of tradition and a purveyor of excellence since its founding in 1947. For over 65 years and spanning four generations, the Jacquin family has dedicated itself to the art of crafting and aging the region's iconic PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) goat cheeses, including Selles sur Cher, Sainte Maure de Touraine, Valençay, Pouligny Saint Pierre, and the renowned Crottin de Chavignol.

Roots in Local Tradition

Initially, Fromagerie Jacquin's entire production was rooted in the local community, with cheeses finding their way to nearby restaurants, farmers' markets, and local cheese shops. However, the family's commitment to quality and traditional craftsmanship quickly garnered attention on the national stage, leading to an expansion that saw Jacquin's cheeses embraced across the entire country.

Global Recognition

Today, Fromagerie Jacquin stands as a global ambassador for French goat cheeses. With a state-of-the-art plant built to exacting standards, the fromagerie produces over 1,000 tons of goat cheese annually, each wheel a testament to the family's dedication to preserving the authenticity of the region's cheeses. Jacquin's cheeses have transcended borders, gracing tables around the world and becoming synonymous with the rich flavors and textures that define traditional French goat cheese.

Local Sourcing and Sustainable Practices

Fromagerie Jacquin maintains a close connection to the land and the community by sourcing fresh milk daily from fifty local farms within a 30-mile radius. These farms, with an average herd size of about 150 goats, contribute to the production of Jacquin's exceptional cheeses. This commitment to local sourcing not only ensures the freshness and quality of the milk but also supports the sustainability of the regional agricultural landscape.

Generational Leadership

Managed by two generations of the Jacquin family, Fromagerie Jacquin is led by Pascal and his brother Christian in the production realm, while Pascal's son Romain oversees sales. This familial continuity ensures that the knowledge and expertise passed down through centuries in the region are not just preserved but elevated. The Jacquin family's motivation is clear: to produce high-quality goat cheese rooted in centuries-old wisdom and craftsmanship.


Fromagerie Jacquin takes pride in its expertise in hand-ladled molding and traditional affinage, a craft that has been perfected over generations. This commitment to time-honored techniques ensures that each cheese is imbued with a distinct character, allowing the flavors to develop and mature to perfection. The result is a collection of the most refined goat cheeses on the market, each a testament to the family's dedication to their craft.

While Fromagerie Jacquin tailors its cheeses specifically for the US market, every wheel is crafted with the same milk, recipe, and traditional methods used for the French market. This commitment to consistency ensures that consumers around the world can experience the true essence of French goat cheese, delivered with the same authenticity and craftsmanship that has defined Fromagerie Jacquin for over seven decades.

As they continue to carry the torch into the future, Fromagerie Jacquin invites cheese enthusiasts worldwide to savor the flavors of France and experience the rich tapestry of tradition that defines their exquisite goat cheeses.

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