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Geotrichum Rinds
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Geotrichum Rind cheeses are marked by their unique appearance and complex flavors. 

Geotrichum is a naturally occurring mold that lends its name to a group of cheeses distinguished by their wrinkled, white, and sometimes fuzzy rinds. Unlike the more familiar blue or bloomy molds, Geotrichum adds a different dimension, creating a distinct appearance and contributing to the nuanced flavor profiles of these cheeses. Geotrichum rinds are fully edible.

The distinctive wrinkled rind created by Geotrichum adds an aesthetic allure to these cheeses. Beneath the surface, the interior can vary from creamy and spreadable to firm and crumbly. The interaction between Geotrichum and the underlying cheese creates a dynamic interplay of textures, adding another layer to the overall sensory experience.


Cheese artisans intentionally introduce Geotrichum candidum, the mold responsible for the characteristic rind, during the cheese-making process. This mold not only shapes the appearance of the cheese but also influences its texture and taste, making each variety a unique expression of the cheesemaker's skill.

Diverse Flavor Profiles

Geotrichum rind cheeses encompass a wide range of flavor profiles, offering something for every palate. From earthy and mushroomy notes to hints of citrus and tanginess, the flavors are as diverse as the cheeses themselves. Varieties like Crottin de Chavignol from France and Cremont from the United States showcase the versatility of Geotrichum, creating cheeses that are both approachable and intriguing.


Geotrichum rind cheeses invite creative pairings that complement and enhance their unique flavors. Enjoy them with crisp apples, honey, or a drizzle of balsamic reduction for a delightful contrast. Accompanying these cheeses with crusty bread or crackers allows their complex textures and tastes to shine.

Exploring the world of Geotrichum rind cheeses is an adventure in savoring the diverse expressions of this unique mold, making each bite a journey into the rich tapestry of artisanal cheese-making.

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