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Laura Chenel
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Image by Laura Chenel via their website.

In 1979, Laura Chenel embarked on a journey that would redefine the landscape of American goat cheese. Bringing French farmstead cheese-making techniques to Sonoma, California, Laura not only started a new chapter in the world of artisanal cheese but also established a legacy that continues to thrive four decades later. 


After spending a decade working and studying in Europe, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area, Laura returned to her roots in Sonoma County. With a desire for self-sufficiency and a commitment to healthy, natural foods, she purchased her first goats. Little did she know that this decision would set in motion a series of events that would shape the future of American goat cheese.

As her herd grew, so did Laura's attachment to her goats. Faced with an increasing quantity of milk, she felt a responsibility to transform it into something that would pay homage to its makers. The answer lay in cheese-making, a craft that would become the cornerstone of Laura Chenel's culinary legacy.

Situated in the heart of Sonoma County, Laura Chenel's state-of-the-art creamery stands as a testament to the traditions initiated by its founder. The creamery, awarded LEED Gold certification, was the first of its kind in the United States. This commitment to sustainability, encompassing practices such as solar energy and water recycling, ensures the preservation of the terroir for future generations.

Laura Chenel's dedication to sourcing the finest milk from family farm partners throughout the western U.S. underscores their commitment to quality. The creamery's high standards have not gone unnoticed, with judges from around the world recognizing Laura Chenel's products among the finest in the industry. 


One of Laura Chenel's most enticing offerings is its array of eight unique and sophisticated goat cheese log flavors. From the delightful Orange Blossom Honey to the rich and earthy Black Truffle, each log is a testament to the creamery's commitment to innovation and quality. Other flavors include Kalamata Olive, Fig & Grapefruit, Cranberry, Garlic & Chive, and Mango Habanero, showcasing the versatility and creativity that Laura Chenel brings to goat cheese.


Another standout in Laura Chenel's repertoire is their marinated goat cheese. Discs cut from fresh goat logs are meticulously dried for 5-7 days before being hand-packed into recyclable jars with a blend of herbs and oil. This distinctive product has earned Laura Chenel nearly two dozen awards over the past decade, a testament to its exceptional quality and flavor.

As the creamery continues to evolve and delight the palates of cheese enthusiasts, Laura Chenel's legacy remains a testament to the enduring power of passion, quality, and a deep connection to the land.

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