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Nestled in the quaint confines of its eponymous small town, Livarot cheese stands as a delectable ode to the bountiful history and verdant pastures of the northern reaches of France. This culinary gem, fondly dubbed 'The Colonel,' is a soft, washed-rind masterpiece that has graced discerning palates with its pungent allure since the 16th century. Encased in an unmistakable striped rind, reminiscent of a military colonel's uniform, Livarot boasts a flavor profile as distinctive and memorable as its aromatic presence. A sensory adventure awaits both seasoned cheese connoisseurs and intrepid food enthusiasts, as Livarot Cheese beckons them to embark on a gastronomic journey through the cherished traditions and flavors of Normandy.

Production Process

The production of Livarot cheese is a meticulous process governed by the strict regulations of the AOP. Artisans adhere to a specific set of ingredients, including rennet, bacteria and yeast cultures, mold, salt, and Calcium Chloride. After curdling the milk, the cheesemaker skillfully cuts the curd into granules before transferring it into molds. Following a 24-hour period, the wheels can be either rubbed with dry salt or submerged in a saltwater bath for an additional 48 hours.

To initiate the minimum 21-day maturation, the cheesemaker wraps each wheel in 3-5 strips of sedge, a sharp grass found near marshes. Traditionally, these strips served a structural purpose, preventing the cheese from collapsing. However, in modern times, they are employed solely for aesthetic reasons. Throughout the 3-5 weeks of maturation, the affineur diligently washes each wheel in a solution containing saltwater, cultures, and annatto. This meticulous process results in a distinctive orange rind with a slightly tacky texture and a robust aroma, contributing to the unique and flavorful character of Livarot cheese.


Livarot cheese is celebrated for its soft, creamy texture and a bold, earthy flavor that has captivated cheese enthusiasts for centuries. Known for its robust and intense taste, Livarot packs a punch with a pungent and complex flavor profile, featuring notes of nuts and a subtle tangy undertone, sometimes accompanied by a hint of spice or pepper. The rind, washed in brine during aging, contributes to its strong taste, while the interior offers a contrasting creaminess that balances the overall intensity. Despite its powerful flavor, Livarot's taste can vary based on factors like production methods, season, and the cows' diet, making each encounter with this cheese a unique exploration of flavors.

Paired well with robust red wines and ciders, Livarot offers a harmonious gastronomic experience with a lingering aftertaste of its distinct, earthy flavors.

Culinary Uses

Livarot cheese, renowned for its rich and complex flavor, offers a versatile culinary experience across various settings. When enjoyed in its unadulterated form, Livarot stands as a gustatory masterpiece, allowing connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the cheese's intricate and robust notes. Embracing accompaniments becomes a culinary adventure, as Livarot seamlessly pairs with cured meats, roasted nuts, or the nuanced profiles of malty beers, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. Another classic rendezvous for Livarot is alongside hearty whole-grain bread, a delightful union that orchestrates a perfect interplay between the cheese's boldness and the bread's subtle mildness. For those seeking a lighter indulgence, Livarot gracefully mingles with fruits such as grapes, creating a delectable balance between the cheese's intensity and the fruit's natural sweetness.

Elevating beyond standalone enjoyment, Livarot lends its bold character to various recipes, enhancing salads, soups, and other culinary creations with depth and richness. In its ancestral home of Normandy, Livarot finds its ideal companion in cider, a regional tradition that skillfully tempers the cheese's formidable flavor, resulting in a marriage of tastes that captures the essence of this exceptional dairy delight.

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Health Benefits

Livarot cheese, a savory French delight from Normandy, not only delights the palate but also packs a nutritional punch. This semi-soft, cow's milk cheese is rich in calcium for bone health, protein for muscle development, and probiotics for a healthy gut. Additionally, it contains vitamin B12 for red blood cell formation and neurological well-being. Moderation is key, but enjoying Livarot cheese brings a blend of taste and health benefits, making it a flavorful and wholesome choice for culinary enthusiasts.


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