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Montchevre goat cheese crottin

Image source: Montchevre via their website.

In the world of artisanal goat cheese, Montchevre stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into creating outstanding goat cheese. Established in 1989, Montchevre has been on a mission to produce top-quality, wholesome goat cheese at the best value, all while adhering to the highest standards of production. Rooted in Preston, Wisconsin, Montchevre has seamlessly blended French cheese-making techniques with local methods, resulting in a brand that has become synonymous with excellence in domestic goat cheese.

Founding and Early Years

Montchevre's journey began in a modest 4,000-square-foot plant in Preston, Wisconsin, where a passionate team set out to revolutionize the goat cheese industry. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of French cheese-making, Montchevre merged these techniques with local methods to create a unique and exceptional product. The founders were committed to perfecting the cheese-making process, and their dedication soon propelled Montchevre to the forefront of the domestic goat cheese market.

Fresh Milk: The Heart of Montchevre

At the core of Montchevre's success lies the commitment to using fresh milk as the driving force behind their business. The brand places a strong emphasis on sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring that each batch of cheese is crafted with care and precision. Montchevre's passion for the process is evident in the unparalleled quality and flavor of their goat cheese.

Montchevre goes beyond mere production; they are committed to promoting communication and training opportunities for dairy production welfare issues. Recognizing the importance of ethical and responsible practices, Montchevre collaborates with farmers who share their commitment to animal care and handling best practices. This ensures that the goats producing the milk for Montchevre's cheese are treated with the utmost respect and care.

Farmers as Partners

Montchevre recognizes that farmers are the backbone of the dairy industry and crucial partners in their business. The brand's commitment to using fresh milk extends beyond the product itself—it is a promise to consumers that they are receiving cheese crafted with dedication and expertise. By fostering strong relationships with goat milk suppliers, Montchevre ensures that they work with the best of the best.

A Commitment to Excellence

Montchevre's commitment to excellence goes beyond creating exceptional cheese. The brand actively invests in the well-being of their suppliers, the quality of their products, and the satisfaction of their customers. By holding themselves to the highest standards, Montchevre has established itself as a leader in the domestic goat cheese market.

Montchevre's diverse line of goat cheese products showcases this commitment to innovation and quality. From the fresh and creamy Goat Cheese Logs and Crumbles, perfect for salads or spreads, to the artisanal Goat Cheese Crottins, each product is a testament to Montchevre's dedication to crafting exceptional goat cheese. The Goat Cheese Medallions offer a convenient and elegant option for various culinary applications, while the Topped Goat Cheeses add an extra layer of flavor and texture. Montchevre's Goat Cheese Duos provide a delightful pairing of tastes, catering to a variety of palates. For those who appreciate the robustness of cheddar, Montchevre's Goat Cheddar offers a unique twist on a classic favorite. The Goat Bucheron stands out as a distinctive choice, with its ash-coated rind and creamy interior, showcasing the brand's expertise in traditional cheese-making. Additionally, Montchevre's Organic Selections uphold the highest standards of quality, providing a range of goat cheese options for those who prioritize organic and sustainable choices.


With this diverse array of offerings, Montchevre continues to captivate cheese enthusiasts with its unparalleled variety and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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