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10 Best Cheeses Released in 2022

As the year comes to an end people tend to reflect on the best moments they had. However, if you're a foodie like me, you're probably thinking back on all the delicious and creative dishes you ate!

Let's look back on the 10 best cheeses released in 2022:

Warm, cheesy spinach artichoke dip is a classic comfort food for many. Roth Cheese channeled the flavors of the delicious dip in their fan-favorite cheese: Spinach Artichoke Gouda.

Rich, savory, creamy, and perfect for melting - The words to my heart! Voted by consumers as the new favorite flavor of Roth Gouda, this mouthwatering pairing has it all.

Handcrafted Wisconsin Monterey Jack Cheese Marbled with Black Truffles - Gold for flavored hard cheese in the L.A International Dairy Competition.

Warm and woodsy black truffle, buttery and creamy Monterey Jack, each bite is a decadent sensory experience.

A delicious dairy-free and lactose-free snack won many vegan cheese lovers' hearts over this year. This certified plant-based snack has a good source of calcium and vitamin B12, and a smooth texture similar to mozzarella. All the deliciousness of real cheese without the dairy!

Beautiful flecks of premium black Italian truffle blended into a honey-sweetened mild goat cheese - absolutely delicious!

Another 2022 goat cheese best - but with floral Meyer lemon and honey! Tangy with a balanced sweetness and the brightness of the California sun. Cypress Grove's Meyer Lemon and Honey Goat Cheese is made with the finest ingredients and the highest quality milk.

Briette cheeses are made with high quality, pasteurized milk from cows that graze in the lush Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. Creamy and savory soft-ripened cheese with distinctive notes of caramel. Briette Dulce de Leche has a white, edible exterior and a yellow-white, soft interior.

A delicious symphony of sweet smoky notes - The cherrywood smoke fills your mouth right away with a subtle, sweet-smoke flavor. This Italian cheddar brings a unique taste profile to every dish.

This one has absolutely won my heart over this year - Fromager d’Affinois Crispy brie bites! Golden breadcrumbs cover a small cube of double cream brie. When warm, oh boy do these bad boys exceed expectations.

Produced in Carr Valley's Glacier Point facility is a mild blue cheese with added umami flavors from Italian Black Truffles. Glacier Black Truffle blue was a 2022 family favorite in my household during our summer grilling days - intensely divine flavors when paired with burger!

This award-winning Queen Bee Porcini is a cheese fit for royalty and the world agrees! This buttery cheddar elevates the savory, earthy notes during the aging process with some help from porcini mushrooms imported from Italy. The crushed dried porcinis are rubbed on the exterior of the cheese making it a total umami experience once aged to perfection.


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