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A Rare Hidden Truffle Found In an Unlikely City in the U.S

Truffles are known to be expensive and difficult to grow, as you'd need to invest in truffle- producing trees to successfully farm them.

A rare truffle found its way to a United States city, though it did not originate there. Due to this rare truffle's scarcity, it was pretty uncommon to find it in such a place. This hard-to-find truffle was hiding right in the Appalachian Moutnains for 10 years with just a single man knowing of its existence!

An Asheville, North Carolina hiker named Alan Muskat kept his discovery of Blue Ridge Truffles a secret after discovering them in 2007.

"As far as we know these can only be found in Japan, and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the U.S.," Muskat told the outlet. "Right now the only way to taste this truffle that I know of is to come here to Asheville." via CNN Travel

Truffles only grow in suitable areas and even the most common truffle will put you back nearly $2,300 for a pound!

The Blue Ridge Trufffle that Alan Muskat found might just be the rarest type in the world!


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