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Airheads Released an Underwater Vending Machine with a Lifetime Supply of Candy

Are you ready to take your poolside experience to a whole new level of sweetness? Imagine this: you're lounging by the pool on a scorching summer day, the sun kissing your skin, and the refreshing water beckoning you for a dip. But wait, what's that shimmering below the surface? It's not a mirage; it's Airheads' latest innovation – a $7000 underwater vending machine, complete with a lifetime supply of treats.

Airheads Underwater Vending Machine
Airheads Underwater Vending Machine Photo: Airheads/ Food&Wine / HighDive

This isn't your average swim-up snack bar. Airheads has plunged into uncharted waters, quite literally, by introducing a groundbreaking underwater vending machine. Picture a full-sized vending machine submerged beneath the crystal-clear waters of your pool, tantalizing swimmers with a tempting array of candies. But here's the twist: instead of traditional currency, this innovative contraption operates on a currency of fun.

Gone are the days of fumbling for wet dollar bills or risking your phone's water resistance for a sweet fix. With Airheads' underwater vending machine, you pay for your treats with playful antics captured by its built-in camera. Whether it's hosting an impromptu tea party or showcasing your best underwater backflip, each task earns you a delightful reward – a piece of candy propelled through the machine's ingenious "projectile candy hatch."

Craig Cuchra, Airheads' vice president of marketing, sheds light on the inspiration behind this whimsical creation. It's a nostalgic nod to adults who fondly reminisce about enjoying Airheads by the pool on hot summer days. However, the concept of candy propelled underwater is undoubtedly a novel addition to their poolside memories.

But why take the plunge into underwater vending? According to a recent survey, nearly three-quarters of adults don't swim as frequently as they did in their youth. Airheads aims to make a splash with its projectile candy, enticing parents to rediscover the joy of swimming.

Versatility is key with this underwater marvel. Designed to be submerged at depths of up to eight feet, it's suitable for a wide range of backyard and neighborhood pools. And if you're tempted to bring the sweetness home, Airheads offers the option to purchase your very own underwater vending machine. Because let's face it, what's more practical than having a candy-filled vending machine lurking beneath the surface of your pool?

Memorial Day marked the official launch of sales for these aquatic wonders on Airhead's website. The price tag may raise some eyebrows at $7000, but fear not – with your purchase comes a lifetime supply of Airheads to keep your vending machine fully stocked.

If a full-sized vending machine seems too extravagant for your pool setup, fear not. Airheads has you covered with pool floats adorned with their iconic logo. Lounge in style while playfully tossing candy to your friends, enjoying the sweet taste of summer both above and below the waterline.

So, are you ready to dive into a world of sweetness with Airheads' underwater vending machine? With its blend of innovation, nostalgia, and sheer whimsy, it's sure to make a splash at your next pool party.


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