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ALDI's Easter Marshmallows Are Going Viral for All the Wrong Reasons...

Easter is coming up and grocery stores have been rolling out those charming Easter-inspired treats like cupcakes, candies, and easter marshmallows. If you plan to pick up a bag of Easter marshmallows from ALDI for the holiday, you may want to take a good long look at them first!

Twitter user @missviaborsi recently shared a photo of ALDI UK's Bunnies & Chicks marshmallows - It's safe to say these treats look like they belong at a raunchy bachelorette party, not a family-friendly Easter brunch!

Yep, a quick glimpse at the marshmallows and it's clear that they are hilariously phallic!

Even ALDI UK joined in on the fun, tweeting, "We can't even defend this one."


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