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Are Andy Capp's Cheese Fries New Shape & Flavor a Mistake or a Hidden Marketing Scheme?

A legendary name that is still going strong is Andy Capp and his various flavors of oven-baked grain snacks. Andy Capp's most famous product is his Hot Fries: they look like french fries, but crunch like chips. These unique alternatives to regular potato chips pack a powerful flavor punch in every crunch!

Who is Andy Capp?

During its five strong decades of existence, Andy Capp flavors have come and gone. But who is Andy Capp?

Homer Simpson calls him a "wife-beating drunk." But read the back cover of the 1963 compendium book "Meet Andy Capp," and you'll have a clearer picture of the comic strip character — a "ruffish nogoodnik from Britain who drinks a bit, gambles a bit, knocks his wife about a bit—and doesn't work—not a bit." Yikes! - via The Daily Meal.

Andy Capp and his long-suffering wife Flo were dreamed up by cartoonist Reginald Smyth, who debuted the layabout with his eyes covered by a cloth cap in the Daily Mirror newspaper on August 5, 1957. A native of Hartlepool, England, Smythe based the characters on his parents, and his father's penchant for wearing a cap. The cap also lent the character his surname. As Smythe put it, "I thought of Andy because he was a 'handicap' to his wife. It was a terrible pun. Awful" - via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

New Shape & Flavor a Mistake or a Hidden Marketing Scheme?

Recently, I grabbed a bag of these delicious crunchy cheese fries at my local 7-Eleven, but when I opened them, I was very confused. My Andy Capps Cheese Fries were crinkle cut instead of straight cut! Of course, I still devoured the bag considering they practically taste the same, but the shape was different.

I was curious about it being just a one-off dupe of a bag, but when I went to another local gas station, I bought another bag of Andy Capp's Cheese Fries and what do you know, they were the same as the bag before: crinkle cut shape, with a bit more dusting of flavor!

I ran to Reddit to find some answers, and this is what I found:

One commenter wrote, "Yes I got a bag today. They look like Cheetos. Like crinkle cut Cheetos. I called Conagra Brands who makes Andy Capps hot fries. I asked if they changed up the hot fries. He said no there could have been a machine error and they could have over dusted the fries."

Another Reddit user said, "I just got a bag that looks like Cheetos but tastes the same (still delicious) and I’m caught between whether I like them better or the thin ones better. I am leaning to this change being an okay thing if it’s intentional.

And if it’s not intentional then it’s cool that I got to try some rare offshoots that may never be seen again 😅"

After reading these comments, I was only more intrigued to know the truth!

Reddit users responded with mixed reviews about their beloved Andy Capp's Cheese Fries. Most people are just trying to find answers as to why each bag they buy is different. Is this the new shape and flavor, or is this an error in production?

One commenter wrote, "I just got a bag with crinkle cut in it and they were AMAZING. I went out to buy another and they were back to normal and now I’m sad."

Another Reddit user said, "I just got a bag of hot ones with crinkle shape, weird cause I see nothing on the bag or from the company saying anything changed but they were really good."

Is it possible that a machine error during production could actually benefit Andy Capp's Cheese Fries? I'm curious to see if this will become a viral revelation amongst fellow Andy Capp's lovers or if this will just slip under the radar of many and go unnoticed.


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