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Aura Bora Releases Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water

Step into the world of unconventional beverage flavors with Aura Bora, a brand that has mastered the art of crafting unique taste experiences. Their latest creation, the Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water, takes innovation to new heights.

Imagine a sip that is simultaneously sweet, earthy, and buttery – a refreshing journey into uncharted flavor territory that is bound to ignite lively discussions among beverage enthusiasts.

What sets this sparkling water apart is the infusion of fresh sage extract, delivering a surprisingly crisp mouthfeel that harmonizes seamlessly with the natural essence of green beans. True to Aura Bora's commitment to quality, the Green Bean Casserole is not only a flavor adventure but also a guilt-free one. It is sugar and calorie-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher-friendly.

Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Embark on this culinary escapade by visiting Aura Bora’s website. You can order a 12-pack of Green Bean Casserole for $33 or opt for a subscription to enjoy a 10% savings on your flavorful journey. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your beverage experience with Aura Bora's Green Bean Casserole Sparkling Water!


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