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Authentic Flavors, Inspiring Stories: Goya Europa Brings Latin Cuisine to Conquer Palates

News provided by Goya Europe.

Goya products and Goya Europa products, and Juan Pablo de la Madrid, Export Manager at Goya Europa.
Images courtesy of Goya Europa.

At the heart of the Latin American food industry, Goya Europa has been making its mark with a

wide range of products ranging from corn, flours, preserves, grains, seasonings, snacks,

beverages and many more. To better understand how this success is achieved and how they are

making their way into the European market, we had the honor of talking with Juan Pablo de la

Madrid, Export Manager of Goya Europe.

What do you think has been the secret of Goya's success in Europe?

"With an established track record in the American market and the recognition of our customers around the world, Goya Europe has established solid business relationships with international partners, distributors and chains in more than 25 European countries. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has allowed us to grow and expand over the years, making us a benchmark in the Latin food industry. Goya Europe has been recognized for its commitment to quality, authenticity and passion for bringing the traditional flavors of Latin America to palates around the world. We have unique quality standards and sourced products that guarantee that those who taste our products bring brand loyalty. Goya has come to Europe, to stay."

To what do you attribute the success of the brand's latest launches?

Goya Europe is a company that has always been concerned about being aware of new trends.

Today, GOYA is aware of the need of consumers to find quality products and when it comes to

products of origin, we have been able to satisfy the demand throughout the European continent.

An example of this are products such as our range of ready-to-eat frozen products that seek to

provide consumers with a quick and quality solution, along with products such as seasonings and

marinades that allow us to reach consumers' tables.

What is Goya's differentiating factor in Europe?

Our company philosophy makes clear a general standard when it comes to our products: "If it's

Goya, it has to be good". This phrase defines the strategy in the company, for us quality is above

all else and we want to pass it on to our consumers. We have a quality department specialized

in guaranteeing the excellence of our products and the main jury of this is the growing demand

for our products around Europe. Goya does not need to compete on price, it competes on what

generates a representative value for our consumers: quality.

How do you see the future of Goya in Europe?

Goya has become a reference in the international market thanks to its dedication to quality and

commitment to customer satisfaction. Our products are appreciated by consumers of different

cultures and nationalities, which drives us to continue to innovate and expand our borders. Our

goal is to remain a leader in the food industry and to continue to expand our presence, being the

benchmark to get Goya products on tables around the world, both for users who already know

our cuisine and for those who are trying it for the first time.

How does Goya Europe address the diversity of palates in the Latin community and beyond?

Diversity is a key aspect of Latin cuisine, and we recognize that tastes can vary widely. That's why

we have created a wide range of products that range from more traditional flavors to more

contemporary options, while maintaining our authentic base. From this, we have developed

products that adapt to consumer needs and trends. A clear example is beans, which are the

protein of the future. Something similar is also happening with the consumption of corn flour,

due to the awareness of current generations towards wheat intake and rejection of gluten,

coconut water and its already known benefits as the best moisturizer, in short, a continuous

research and development work to adapt to global consumption trends.


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