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Blue Cheese Washed Vodka: And The Beet Goes On Cocktail Recipe

Picture this: a world where blue cheese meets vodka in a whirlwind of culinary audacity. Yes, you read that right. Blue cheese washed vodka—a concoction that sounds more like a dare than a drink—is taking the cocktail scene by storm, turning heads and tantalizing taste buds with its eccentric charm. One particular mixologist that is a part of this expedition into the realms of flavor fusion is none other than Corey Moszer, the daring maestro behind St. Louis’ revered The Lucky Accomplice and the visionary Beverage Director renowned for his fearless exploration of mixology’s uncharted territories.

This cocktail transcends the ordinary a libation that tantalizes the taste buds and ignites the senses with its bold and unexpected flavors. Enter "And The Beet Goes On," Corey's masterpiece concoction that showcases the transformative power of blue cheese washed vodka. This avant-garde elixir combines dill-infused blanc vermouth, beet-peppercorn shrub, and aquafaba to create a symphony of flavors that dance harmoniously on the palate.

But what exactly is blue cheese washed vodka, and how does it elevate a cocktail to new heights of culinary delight? The process begins with a fusion of premium vodka and decadent blue cheese, undergoing a meticulous sous vide treatment at 135°F for two hours. This method allows the cheese to emulsify, infusing the vodka with its distinctive essence and imparting funky undertones and a depth of flavor that is simply unparalleled.

Corey's recipe is a testament to his culinary prowess and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of mixology. Each ingredient is carefully selected and thoughtfully combined to create a sensory experience like no other. From the aromatic dill-infused vermouth to the vibrant beet peppercorn shrub, every component plays a crucial role in the symphonic harmony of flavors that defines "And The Beet Goes On."

For those eager to recreate this culinary adventure at home, Corey graciously shares his recipe:

Recipe from Chilled Magazine



Using a “reverse dry shake method,” add dill-infused vermouth, blue-cheese washed vodka, and beet peppercorn shrub to shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain and return mixture to shaker without ice. Add 1 oz of aquafaba to the mixture WITHOUT ICE. Shake vigorously. Strain. Serve straight up in a coupe cocktail glass with ground peppercorns for garnish.

For those eager to embark on their own culinary journey, Corey generously shares his recipes for dill-infused vermouth, blue-cheese washed vodka, and cold-processed beet peppercorn shrub, ensuring that every enthusiast can savor the magic of "And The Beet Goes On" from the comfort of their own home.


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