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Blue Moon Limited Edition Thanksgiving Seasoning Blends and Pie Pints

Thanksgiving: a culinary adventure where we boldly experiment with turkey recipes, jazz up side dishes, and, of course, indulge in festive libations. While the world of cocktails is brimming with creativity (apple cider mocktails, anyone?), sometimes you just crave the familiar embrace of an old favorite – beer. The challenge? Trying to please every palate at your Thanksgiving feast. But fear not, for Blue Moon is stepping in to save the day with their tantalizing holiday seasonings! Now, these newcomers might not replicate the renowned beer precisely, but they're a delightful symphony of flavors inspired by the beloved Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.

Blue Moon's two new offerings are a Zesty seasoning and a Pie Pint seasoning. The first option is designed for enhancing savory dishes, like imparting a richer taste to your turkey. Its combination includes hints of tangy citrus, coriander, and hops. Naturally, no turkey feast is complete without a sweet finish, and Blue Moon offers its pie pint seasoning for all your dessert cravings. Anticipate traces of zesty orange and coriander that can be used to craft an impeccable pie filling.

Blue Moon Pie Pints

Given the close relationship between dinner and dessert, Blue Moon is presenting a two-pack containing its new seasonings to complement this bond. Moreover, they have formed a collaboration with Tiny Pies, an Austin-based bakery, to reintroduce their popular pie pints. These miniature pies are ideal for an individual's dessert delight, or as a delectable accompaniment to a Blue Moon pint. In the previous year, Blue Moon joined forces with Baked by Melissa to produce miniature pie pints. Now, Tiny Pies is set to unveil four fresh flavors, which include Zesty Pumpkin Spice, Tangy Citrus Apple Twist, Key Lime Coconut Crumble, and Chocolate Citrus Haze.

For a limited time, the Tiny Pies four-pack can be bought for $27.30 + shipping while the seasoning two-pack is going for $11.26. Since these items originate from a beer company, buyers must be at least 21 years old to make a purchase. To add flavor to their Thanksgiving meal and avoid bland recipes, shoppers can visit both the Blue Moon seasonings website and the Tiny Pies website. With seasonings sorted and dessert requirements fulfilled, the only decision left is which Blue Moon flavor will complement your turkey!


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