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Brewery Q&A - BrewLounge Beer Company

Q & A with Lorenzo Scordo of BrewLounge Beer Company, located in Columbiana, OH.

BrewLounge Beer Company

Q. Tell us a quick history of your brewery:

A. In 2019, I set out to bring together my passions for craft beer, and wine and whiskey. We started out with basic blonde ale and brown ale. We got a feel for what our guests want and like. We came to find out that the scene here wasn’t about super experimental, high abv beer. They wanted more approachable styles. So we set out to keep the beer more classic style, classic abv, and then build on them. We eventually started a cigar club to pair with them as well, and expanded the offering of flatbread to the menu. As time went on, we continually built our whiskey/bourbon list and wine list, which has evolved to literally hundreds. And of course, our guest beer selection has grown exponentially as well.

Q. How did you get into beer making?

A. I am a sommelier and a craft beer enthusiast. It is a passion of mine to create and innovate beer into approachable and creative offerings.

Q. How many different kinds of beer do you produce?

A. We are a newer brewery, and we have produced over 20 different kinds of beer, and continually expanding.

Q. How do you choose which styles of beer to brew?

A. There are 2 things we look for in our seasonal rotation. First, we monitor what season and holidays are coming up. But that isn’t always the case of what and when to produce a style of beer. We fortunate enough to have a large variety of other craft and imports to select from. As one style starts to pick up in sales, that signals a sign of what is to come. Example- Sometimes our sour sales will pick up in the winter, sometimes they slow down. As we monitor the sales, we start to determine where the current local trend is going.

Q. What is unique about your beer? What makes them stand out?

A. Our beer is not the "big revolution", but it is consistent and it is approachable. We cater to the local area guests' taste. People don't always want the hoppiest, hardest hitting beer out there. That is why we have our guest cans, bottles and taps. We make beer that you can enjoy a few of, without having to worry about getting into trouble when you leave. We produce beer that is enjoyable to people who don’t normally drink beer. We produce beer that is full of life.

Q. How is your beer connected to the local area?

A. We participate in a lot of local charities and events, support local farmers and we support local craft cider and beer!

Q. What is your favorite beer that you produce? Describe its aroma, flavor and appearance.

A. My favorite beer is our One Nut Wonder. It is a smooth brown ale infused with toasted organic coconut. It really is similar to an Almond Joy. But it is not cloying and sweet. Its very natural tasting. This medium brown colored ale has the aroma of coconut, caramel and hint of coffee. It starts off with a natural coconut flavor, and just transitions into a slightly nutty, malty, chocolatey finish.

Q. What foods pair well with the beer named in the previous question?

A. The One Nut Wonder pairs really well with our Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Flatbread.

Q. What can visitors expect when they visit your brewery?

A. People should NOT expect to see a typical brewery here. People should expect to come in to a very clean, welcoming, laid back atmosphere when they arrive. They will see the largest whiskey/bourbon selection in the area, a heated Cigar Clubhouse, a huge selection of bottles of California and European wine, and a large selection of Craft and Import beer. There are couches and coffee tables to stay comfortable and relaxed. No loud music and sports, but more of the conversation-friendly atmosphere you see in whiskey and wine bars.

Q. Where can consumers purchase your products besides at your brewery?

A. We offer our beer at several local restaurants and bars in the area, including Casual Pint, Bogey’s, Renovatio’s, Riser, Magic Tree, Village Pump and Homestead to name a few.

*Images courtesy of BrewLounge Beer Company.


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