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Take a Sip of One of these Cocktail-Inspired Salami!

One thing about me is I love a charcuterie board paired with a cocktail after a long day. Brooklyn Cured, an artisan charcuterie producer located in NYC, gives the best of both worlds by offering a line of salami inspired by the flavors of popular cocktails!!

Brooklyn Cured's cocktail menu consists of 5 flavors: Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries, Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest, Pork Salami with Rye Whiskey and Orange Zest, Pork Salami with Mezcal and Lime, and Lamb and Pork Salami with Za'atar.

Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries is inspired by a classic Manhattan cocktail, complete with the maraschino cherry garnish. This salami has a slightly sweet & smoky taste of bourbon and a hint of tart cherry flavor. All of this flavor compliments, not overwhelms, the pork flavor that we all crave in salami.

Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest, or 'The Beer Garden', is inspired by the beer gardens that founder Scott Bridi has visited while in Belgium and Germany. These beer gardens garnish their ales with lemon wedges, thus the lemon zest flavor in this salami. Also added to the recipe is a citrusy Belgian ale and ginger to add some zingy brightness.

Pork Salami with Rye Whiskey and Orange Zest is inspired by an Old Fashioned cocktail, but there is nothing outdated about it! Rye whiskey, orange zest, and spices add a depth of flavor and brightness to this salami.

Pork Salami with Mezcal and Lime features Mezcal, a smoky spirit similar to tequila. Lime, cilantro and coriander are added to compliment the pork flavor and Mezcal's smoky notes. If you're a fan of smoky flavors, this is a must-try!

Lastly, Brooklyn Cured adds lamb into the mix with their Lamb and Pork Salami with Za'atar. If alcohol isn't your thing, try this one! To this lamb and pork salami, Za'atar, a seasoning blend containing sumac, thyme and sesame, is added in addition to cane cola. The cola adds some sweetness that compliments the lamb.

In addition to their line of cocktail-inspired salami, Brooklyn Cured crafts classic salami such as Soppressata and Finocchiona, sliced charcuterie, sausages and hot dogs, and pâté. Brooklyn Cured makes all of their products using sustainably-raised meat and fine dining technique. Food and travel are the inspiration behind Brooklyn Cured's products. Their website says it best: "[Brooklyn Cured's] products bring the spirit of these places to your home kitchen." You can buy Brooklyn Cured charcuterie on their website or at several retail stores such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Albertson's and Murray's Cheese.


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