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Bud Light & Tajin Team Up to Create a Spicy Canned Chelada!

Bringing together the spicy chile, zesty lime, salty tajin, and the refreshing taste of bud light - this non clamato chelada is a world first!

If you've ever ordered a Bloody Mary with Tabasco or tried to make a spicy jalapeño margarita recipe at home - you've probably experienced the interesting pleasure sensation from the unique flavor combo. The reason why spicy food and alcohol work well together is that alcohol is able to dissolve the capsaicin in our mouths, cooling our palate as a result!

What's one of the best things to pair with hot sauce or seasoning? Beer - and anyone who has ever had spicy buffalo wings with a cold brew knows what I'm talking about.

This satisfying combination is being put to the test with Bud Light and Tajín teaming up to launch a brand-new product, the Bud Light Chelada Tajín Chile Limon!

A chelada is a type of Mexican beer cocktail that combines the beverage with lime juice and some sort of seasoning, in this case Bud Light and Tajín.

The sweet and salty, tart and mildly spicy flavor of Tajín - Its trademark blend of mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt - can liven up pretty much anything. It adds a delicious kick to everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to scrambled eggs and even popcorn. I never imagined adding Tajín to beer. However, the same cannot be said for the people at Bud Light!


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