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Buffalo Sauce-Flavored Popcorn

Summer just got more flavorful with the collaboration of Orville Redenbacher and Buffalo Wild Wings and Cinnabon for a new line of six mouthwatering flavored popcorn seasonings!

The new seasoning flavors are dropping in late August nationwide. The newest flavors hitting the shelves include:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings® Buffalo: Created in partnership with the sauce experts at Buffalo Wild Wings, this classic spicy seasoning brings just the right kick to your popcorn.

  • Cinnabon® Cinnamon Roll: Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? This seasoning is inspired by the flavors of Cinnabon's iconic, craveable cinnamon roll, and is made with Cinnabon signature Makara® Cinnamon.

  • Movie Theater Butter: Matching the profile of Orville Redenbacher's top-selling microwave popcorn flavor, Movie Theater Butter allows you to elevate your big screen butter experience like never before.

  • Nacho Cheese and White Cheddar Cheese: With $6 billion in annual sales, cheese is the top growing flavor within snacks2. These two varieties offer a flavorful nacho kick or the classic taste of white cheddar.

  • Ranch: No seasoning collection is complete without ranch, and Orville Redenbacher's zesty take on this classic flavor experience is certain to satisfy ranch afficionados.

Just get some freshly popped popcorn, sprinkle some Wild Wings Buffalo seasoning or Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll seasoning over it, give it a few good shakes, and you've got yourself a bowl of bliss!

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Seasonings are crafted to stick to your popped popcorn, reducing that underused pile of seasonings at the bottom of the bowl. Ranging in sizes from 2.4 oz. to 3.3 oz., Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Seasonings have a suggested retail price of $3.49. Popcorn lovers will find them on the same shelves as their favorite microwave popcorn, kernels, and oil beginning in late August. - According to a recent press release.

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