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Carolina Reaper Coffee

Whether you enjoy your coffee plain and black or as a loaded latte, there really is no wrong way to enjoy it. However, there are some unique and interesting combinations and concoctions out there, like Carolina Reaper coffee from Roasty Buds.

This daring coffee company is known for its adventurous flavors. The XXXtra Insane Spicy Roast stands out as the hottest in their lineup of flavors, infusing the notorious Carolina Reaper pepper with rich cocoa coffee beans.

While this fiery blend may be a pleasant experience for heat seekers, drinking coffee infused with Carolina Reaper pepper can result in overwhelming and intense spiciness that might be too much to actually enjoy. If you have a sensitive stomach or digestive issues, this spicy blend of coffee may cause discomfort and plenty of unwanted bathroom trips.

After I browsed through their online reviews and took a look at their shop, I realized I wouldn't stand a chance after one sip!

Coffee lover @ethanrodecoffee on TikTok posted a video of him reviewing Roasty Bud's Carolina Reaper blend and called it "the weirdest coffee you've ever seen", adding that it burns the throat right after!

For those who want to have some spice to their morning cup of coffee but don't want to be shocked by the heat levels, Roasty Buds also offer subtle spice blends like their hatch chile and Texas BBQ blend.


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