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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Style With These Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Skip the artificially-colored bright green drinks this March 17th, and instead sip on one of these classy cocktails featuring Irish whiskey!

Irish Maid

Think of an Irish Maid as the floral, refreshing cousin of the Whiskey Sour. The perfect pre-dinner cocktail, this Irish Maid recipe featured Jameson Black Barrel, a rich and complex whiskey with notes of spice, vanilla, and toasted wood.

Recipe Link: Irish Maid

Classic Irish Coffee

It wouldn't be a St. Patrick's Day cocktail list without an Irish Coffee recipe! The toasty, caramel and vanilla notes of whiskey go perfectly with sweetened coffee and a whipped cream topping, of course. What could be better?

Recipe Link: Classic Irish Coffee

True Blue

The True Blue is a "deeply unconventional drink, it combines multiple ingredients including Irish whiskey, sherry, brandy and even Guinness. The result is complex, layered and decidedly Irish."

Recipe Link: True Blue

Cork County Bubbles

"This refreshing, effervescent cocktail [has a] dangerously boozy kick. An ounce of the nutty stuff delivers the perfect punch, while alpine-scented Chartreuse, honey syrup and zesty lemon work to brighten the whiskey’s dark-cherry undertones. It’s topped with dry, bubbly Champagne."

Recipe Link: Cork County Bubbles

Whiskey Smash

Another refreshing, whiskey-filled cocktail to brighten up your St. Patty's Day!

Recipe Link: Whiskey Smash

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