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  • Lynn

Champagne Was Created by Accident!

This luxurious beverage was not carefully concocted by winemakers, instead it was created accidentally!

Champagne flutes.

Champagne was "invented" in the late1400s in France. One winter, temperatures plunged suddenly, halting fermentation of wine made by the monks of the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers in Champagne. When spring arrived, the wine began to ferment again. This produced an excess of carbon dioxide inside wine bottles, making the liquid inside the bottles fizzy. This was initially seen as a problem, as the glass bottles began to explode. Monk Dom Pérignon was tasked with solving the issue, but was eventually asked to reverse everything he was doing and focus on making champagne even bubblier! He eventually developed a technique to enhance the tendency for Champagne wines to retain their natural sugar to naturally induce secondary fermentation in the spring, creating the signature bubbles.

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