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Cheese of the Day: Red Witch

'Tis the season for all things witchy, and we're here to tell you about the most wicked cheese of them all: Red Witch!

This Swiss, semi-firm raw cow’s milk cheese has a paprika-rubbed rind. During the aging process, Red Witch wheels are washed with brind, contributing to its nutty and meaty aromas. Red Witch falls into the Alpine-style family of cheeses, along with Appenzeller, Comté and Gruyere. Despite its witchy label and spooky red color, Red Witch has a mild, creamy flavor that is slightly sweet. Like other Alpine cheeses, Red Witch has nutty and toasted butter flavors. Its texture is smooth and has a few small holes strewn throughout.

The idea for Red Witch was thought up by cheesemaker Christian Oberli and one of his customers, Mrs. Zuehlke. Mrs. Zuehlke approached Oberli, wanting a perfect cheese for Fastnacht, Switzerland’s pre-Lent carnival. This cheese had to be able to be eaten alongside all kinds beer, wine and spirits. Festival goers often dressed in spooky costumes and masks, so the pair decided that the cheese should be robed in a spooky outfit, too. Thus, Oberli created Red Witch.

As intended, Red Witch is delicious with almost any beverage. We prefer enjoying Red Witch with Riesling or hard cider.

Cover image source: Dom's Cheese.

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