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Cheese of the Week: Amanti Guacamole Cheese

If you like cheese and guacamole, why not put them together? Made in the Netherlands, this unique cheese is a creamy gouda with pureed fresh avocados!

Amanti Guacamole is Daily Dairy's newest addition to the Amanti range of specialty cheeses. This cheese is produced with an authentic Gouda recipe, a blend of avocado and lime juice with hints of chili, tomato, onion, and garlic all added to bring out the best in this Mexican styled Dutch Gouda. Amanti Guacamole travels back about half a millennium to combine Aztec cuisine with a full-fat Gouda cheese!

For centuries, tomato, onion, and garlic were firmly entrenched in European cuisine. When early Europeans encountered the Aztec's "ahuaca-mulli" everyone wanted a taste! However, they quickly discovered the avocado's fragileness. Until modern fresh cargo became a reality, guacamole couldn't feature on anyone's menu! The brilliant Aztecs were credited with inventing magnificent guacamole.

Avocado was an essential provider of many nutrients for the Mexican diet, along with the good properties being a common belief amongst the Aztec community.

The simple yet decadent Aztec avocado puree in Amanti Guacamole cheese has remained unchanged for centuries!

A deliciously pleasing combination of spice and creamy textures, this cheese caters to modern tastes but stays true to traditional recipes and ingredients.

Amanti Guacamole cheese is available at iGourmet and The Fresh Market.

Try adding this eye-catching cheese to your favorite Mexican dish this upcoming Cinco de Mayo, the beautiful color and savory taste will certainly be quite the experience! Oooh I can taste it now, a delicious burrito or chicken tacos with Amanti Guacamole cheese, absolutely mouth watering!

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