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Cheese of the Week: Ambrosi White Gold Parmigiano Reggiano

Ambrosi White Gold Parmigiano Reggiano photos via Ambrosi's website

There are many delicious edible cheese rinds out there, but have you ever thought about grilling them? Ambrosi Parmigiano Reggiano White Gold's rind on the BBQ makes an amazing savory chewy snack! This is a very versatile cheese, grated, flaked, or shredded to enhance pastas, risottos, veggies, and salads. It can be used as an ingredient in many of your everyday recipes, or simply indulge this unique White Gold in hearty chunks, the bigger the better, with bread, jams, or pear!

Time honored skills and traditions along with the latest of technological advances serve as the platform for production of what is quickly becoming an iconic cheese, the White Gold Aged 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano from La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy.

La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy is situated in the countryside hills outside of Parma.

Here, the cows are nourished with a selection of the finest naturally dried hay, grass, and flax seeds, giving the milk the unique health benefit of being rich in Omega3.

Years ago they set out on a mission to produce Parmigiano in a way that no one else had considered before! Their main objective? Treat cows in a more humane way, giving them better food, breeding them in larger and open spaces, and taking a real interest in their wellbeing over their lifetime!

Only 20,000 wheels are produced each year! Thus creating a long waiting list of retailers and restaurants who want to carry this decadent White Gold, it truly has become a national sensation.

Becoming a part of the White Gold network means you are a part of the privileged group, which has regional distribution, a dedicated education feature for in-store employees, and access to 'White Gold Nights - A Parmigiano Reggiano Experience'! That is why Ambrosi only selects a few clients, with whom they can develop a strategic partnership, and will proudly elevate the White Gold.

What more can I say, this is truly a superior cheese that quickly became an iconic staple within the American gourmand community!

Created in a small creamery in Traversetolo, Italy, White Gold is a cow's milk cheese with mild nutty taste that is smooth and uncomplicated on the palate, with a sweeter buttery finish, compared to any other aged Parmigiano. It carries the intense aromas of a longer aged cheese while preserving the 'Light White' color and less granular texture of a young cheese.

White Gold Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the foods with the strongest and most prevalent umami taste! Umami can be translated from Japanese as "pleasant savory taste". It usually creates a long lasting, mouthwatering and coating

sensation on the tongue. Upon first bite of this excellent Parmigiano Reggiano, you'll realize you've struck White Gold!


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