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Cheese of the Week: Capriole Julianna Goat Cheese

Capriole's Julianna Goat Cheese photos via Capriole website

What better way to kick off the Spring season than with a beautiful flower coated cheese of the week? Capriole's Julianna Goat Cheese is full of unique flavors that develop under a natural rind of thyme, lavender, rosemary, and wildflowers that become a truly integral, but balanced, flavor component of the cheese. This cheese reminds me of warm sunshine and fresh spring air, as it wraps you into this blissful moment of bright and colorful tastes!

Aged 4 - 8 months, Julianna's buttery, nutty, and slightly tart flavors, along with the delicious herb coating makes it a perfect pairing for olives as a snack or a full flavored Charcuterie for a richer experience. Personally, I love a simple Rosé to compliment the spring/summer vibes this beautiful herb covered goat cheese gives! Through the Capriole website I discovered a delicious pairing of broiled peach with warm Julianna and lavender honey, truly mouth watering.

Picking your most favorite cheese is almost impossible, but choosing the most beautiful and pleasing to the eye is much easier! This Julianna Goat Cheese is certainly the beauty of the bunch 😁 and absolutely the perfect choice for upcoming Easter and Mother's Day gifts. The vibrant flowery appearance of Julianna's cheese along with the upcoming celebrations of the Spring season should most definitely bring a sense of sunshine and joy to your gatherings!

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