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Cheese Of The Week: Chaource

This cheese of the week is made with an ancient recipe dating back from the Middle Ages and owes its name to a village in Aube, in the heart of Chaource Protected Designation of Origin area!

Made in the town of the same name since the early 14th century, Charource is the most famous artisanal cheese from the Champagne region of France.

Fromagerie Lincet Chaource's exceptional character comes from the cows that graze in the Champagne wetlands, time-honored expertise, and an unchanging recipe. This soft cheese is made from whole cows milk and has a rather fragrant rind. Slightly salty, creamy, and supple with a chalky interior and an aged taste under the rind.

Although this decadent cheese is delicious at any stage of ripeness, in young cheeses there is a lactic taste with a crème fraiche flavor. In cheeses that have aged longer there is a moldy taste. mixed with a buttery and nutty flavor.

Chaource has a slight mushroom scent with a rich, creamy flavor. It is similar to Brie or Camembert, but it has an even creamier texture, especially as it ages!

Made in miniature wheels that give it an elegant appearance and perfect to serve with champagne. Available to purchase through Igourmet's website!


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