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Cheese of the Week: Deer Creek The Moonrabbit

Deer Creek is known for their rich in character collection of handmade artisan cheeses, their whimsical labels, unique stories, and award winning flavors.

The Moonrabbit cheese is part of a collection called the "animal series". This collection began in 2009, the inspiration for their cast of characters came from Founder Chris Gentine's beloved little boy storybook, The Golden Story book of River Bend, written by Patricia Scarry. What started as a whim, grew year by year into a unique assembly of some of the most highly awarded cheeses in Wisconsin.

Take a browse through their website here, to explore the decadent cheeses and their characters!

Chris Gentine recalled a story of his grandmother's, in which the moon was made of green cheese, so he set out to create one. That is how the delicious and award-winning Moonrabbit cheese came to be!

The Moonrabbit is a cured, sweet finish Cheddar, that is bathed in Green Chartreuse liqueur. The Chartreuse adds a delicate herbal taste with hints of cloves, citrus, rosemary, and thyme that beautifully complement the cheese's creaminess.

This unforgettable cheese pairs excellent with a Blue Moon Belgian White Ale and a slice of orange to really bring out those delicious citrusy flavors.

What's really amazing about Deer Creek? They take part in the 1% for the Planet network! This network is global, over 3,000 individuals, organizations, and companies that are striving to make a difference and protect the future of our planet by donating 1% of their profits back to the environment. Business companies cannot fully avoid impacting the environment, but they can try their best to be aware and embrace sustainable practices! Deer Creek understands how important that concept is and continuously discovers ways they can mindfully operate their business and help protect the planet.


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