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Cheese of the Week: Kaaslands Kanaal

Kaaslands Cheese photos from igourmet website

Ever heard of Proosdij cheese? It is made very similarly to Gouda. Proosdij is a frim style of washed-curd cheese, using specific combinations of mixed-strain starter cultures. The cheese develops aroma, flavor, and texture profiles with characteristics of Gouda and Parmesan cheeses.

Kaaslands Cheese carries this deliciously craveable, Proosdij style, Kanaal! A crunchy, butterscotch, salty-sweet cheese candy, fresh from Holland made its way to me through a cheesy friend of mine. We were sharing a lovely charcuterie board together and she pulled out this beautiful Kanaal to pair with fresh sliced apples. Bursting with flavor, I immediately asked her where I can buy it and she told me she bought it at her local Fresh Market!

The older Kanaal gets, the more deliciously dense and fudgy it becomes. Personally, I can't fathom letting this cheese sit and wait to be devoured!

Kaaslands Kanaal photo from igourmet website

The satisfying crunchiness of increasing amount of tyrosine crystals that form with age along with more sweet, fruity, toasted caramel, and bouillon flavors than Gouda Cheese. Proosdijs have lower butterfat in dry matter than the required 48% for official Gouda status. Kanaal comes in at a close 45%, warranting those extra yummy bites!

Rouveen is one of the leading and independent cheese factories in The Netherlands and one of the preferred partners of Daily Dairy Holland for the

production of Dutch cheeses. From wind mill generated electricity to the utmost attention paid to quality and hygiene, free range pasture grazing for all cows supplying milk, and non-GMO ingredients, Kanaal represents the best of old world practices combined with modern technology and a sustainability-minded mentality.

I took this craveable Kanaal and experimented with it, making a wicked delicious mac and cheese. The nutty, fudgy, smooth and sweet flavors hit all the right spots! I highly recommend this exquisite Holland Kanaal cheese to add unique and complimentary flavors to your culinary experiences!


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