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Cheese of the Week: Mifroma Sliced Raclette

Mifroma Raclette offers an exquisite taste of traditional Switzerland.

Mifroma red chili pepper, truffle, smoked and original sliced raclette

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mifroma USA. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

The weather is cooling down, and the desire for warm, melty cheese dishes is heating up! Mifroma has you covered with their line of delectable sliced raclette.

Raclette has been produced in Switzerland since time immemorial. Derived from the French racler - to scrape - raclette is the name given to a traditional dish: old ends of cheese are melted over an open fire and poured over hot potatoes. Raclette cheese is slightly bitter and salty and is perfect for cooking. Because of its quality, this cheese is very versatile and will complete any dish with its creamy texture.

Previously, in the United States, melted Raclette could only be enjoyed scraped from a large wheel of Raclette cheese. Mifroma has made this Swiss tradition accessible to consumers with their line of pre-sliced Raclette. They have stepped the tradition of Raclette up even further by offering it in 4 mouthwatering flavors: Traditional, Smoked (wood fire smoked over beech wood), Truffle (filled with Italian black truffle shavings) and Chili Pepper (peppered with real red chili pepper flakes). Each variety is made with high-quality cow's milk and aged for 3 months.

Mifroma red chili pepper, truffle, smoked and original sliced raclette

Mifroma Raclette slices can be enjoyed hot, melted over potatoes, burgers, French fries, etc. or cold on your favorite sandwich and as a snack.


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