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Cheese of the Week: Woolwich Goat Brie

The Triple Crème Goat Brie image via Woolwich website here

Woolwich, Canada's leading goat dairy, carries this excellent triple crème goat brie, made with fresh goat milk that is collected from 200 family farms around Canada. A few quality ingredients and traditional methods later and this crowd-pleasing soft-ripened brie cheese is made! It has an edible bloomy rind that adds a tangy, earthy flavor to its rich and creamy interior. Compared to cheese that is made with cow's milk, is has more depth of flavor and a richer texture due to more fat.

To be honest with you I'm more of a wine gal, but this cheese pairs excellently with a cold pilsner beer. I prefer a baked brie always, but it really serves well on a cheese board with crackers, fruits, and nuts! If you prefer a savory vibe, grill this brie wheel to create beautiful grill marks and slice and serve with garlic, red pepper, and avocado on crostini!

Woolwich dairy started in 1983 with 3 family members, a small herd of goats, just 10,000 liters of goat milk and a simple idea! With passion and dedication, Woolwich dairy goat goodness was sold for the first time in 1986 at the historical St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. In 1997, they found their home in Orangeville, Ontario ready to set roots and share their love of delicious goat dairy nationwide!

Along the way in 2015, Woolwich Dairy Inc. was acquired by Saputo, Canada's largest cheese manufacturer and here we are today, where they are making the same great goat dairy, Photo from Woolwich website here

driven by passion and dedication to their craft!

Woolwich Triple Crème Goat Brie won best in class at the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2018, as well as 2nd in its category in 2010 at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This dairy takes pride in their crafting of magnificent cheeses and is aware of the magic in fresh and simple ingredients!


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