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Cheese Your Dog Can Enjoy!

We're not talking about mozzarella, which is safe in small quantities for some dogs, we're talking about yak chews! According to an article posted by BetterPet, Yak chews are a centuries-old chew made from yak's milk. They were first developed in Nepal, by yak herdsmen who were working in the Himalayas and needed an easy way to get a high level of protein. Today, they are also used as natural dog chews!

The best treats for dogs are made with few ingredients! Yak Chews are made with just 4 ingredients: Organic yak's milk, organic cow's milk, organic lime juice, and sea salt. They are a good source of protein, low in fat, are fully digestible, and are gluten-free, as well as incredibly long lasting!

No worries about yak chews splintering and harming your dog's mouth or stomach, but it is important to be aware that some yak chews can be too hard and your dog can chip or break a tooth. To reduce risk, always watch your dog when they chew.

However, there are different brands of yak chews with various sizes for all dog breeds!

The best part about yak chews? Other than the amazing mental enrichment it provides for your dog, they are designed to help keep your dog's teeth clean! (Not a substitute for brushing teeth regularly.)

Your dog's favorite part about yak chews? When your pup chews the yak down to a small piece, you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it a cheesy puff treat for them!

Personally, I hate putting my dog's yak chew in the microwave because of how strong the stinky smell is, but she loves it!

Overall, yak chews are a great source of enrichment, provide nutrients, keep teeth clean, and are an amazing way to provide some relaxing time with your pup.😊


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