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Cheez-It's Retro Diner in the Catskills

If you found yourself green with envy over last summer's Cheez-It Stop at Joshua Tree National Park, then prepare to flip the script and rev your engines in the opposite direction this summer.

Introducing the Cheez-In Diner, a limited-time roadside marvel nestled in the picturesque Catskills of New York. Here, every culinary creation pays homage to the iconic cheesy, salty goodness of America's favorite baked snack crackers. And yes, that includes the dessert menu too.

Cheeze-In Diner in Catskills NY
Cheez-In Diner Photo: Food&Wine / Ryan Gregory / Motion Bazaar

Tucked away in Woodstock, New York, just a leisurely two-hour drive from the bustling streets of New York City, the Cheez-In Diner promises to build upon the viral sensation of its West Coast predecessor. While California's Cheez-It Stop offered a quirky gas station vibe complete with a Cheez-It cracker-dispensing pump, this new immersive culinary experience takes the form of a classic roadside diner, tantalizing taste buds for just one fleeting week.

Let's dive into the menu:

  • Sink your teeth into the Cheezburger, boasting a tantalizing ensemble of pimento cheese, lettuce, pickles, all crowned with an "Extra Big Cheez-It cracker".

  • Craving comfort? The cracker-crusted Big Grilled Cheez sandwich is a surefire hit.

  • Indulge in the Cheezy Chicky Tendies, lovingly coated in a crispy Cheez-It crumb coating, with optional spicy seasoning and a dip of either hot honey or the irresistible Hidden Valley Cheezy Ranch.

  • Dive into the rich depths of baked white cheddar Mac & Cheez-It, crowned with a delectable cracker crumble.

  • Sample the Cheez-It Fries in three mouthwatering variations: Original, White Cheddar, or Hot & Spicy, with the option to elevate your experience with a luscious drizzle of melted pimento cheese sauce.

Cheeze-In Diner in Catskills NY
Cheez-In Diner Photo: Food&Wine / Ryan Gregory / Motion Bazaar

But the savory adventure doesn't end there. Satisfy your sweet tooth with innovative dessert offerings:

  • Treat yourself to the Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake, a decadent blend of vanilla infused with the crunch of Cheez-Its, adorned with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a rim garnished with caramel and crushed cheese crackers, topped off with a single chocolate-dipped Cheez-It.

  • Or opt for the Sweet-N-Salty Cheezcake, featuring a cracker crust, a drizzle of caramel, and a generous sprinkling of Extra Big Cheez-It crackers.

As if the tantalizing menu weren't enough, visitors can embark on a flavor adventure at the on-site tasting station, concocting custom blends of rare Cheez-It flavors at no extra cost. And don't miss the chance to groove to the tunes of the Cheez-It Jukebox, where crackers are the currency of choice.

For those keen to take a slice of the Cheez-In Diner experience home, a plethora of retro merch awaits, from groovy T-shirts to classic diner coffee mugs, and an assortment of collectibles including stickers and postcards.

Located at 261 Tinker Street in Woodstock, New York, the Cheez-In Diner invites you to savor its cheesy delights for one week only, from May 20–26, just in time for Memorial Day. With extended hours until midnight on Fridays through Sundays, it's the perfect destination for late-night indulgence.

So mark your calendars, rev up your engines, and prepare to embark on a cheesy escapade unlike any other. After all, who can resist the allure of a Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake under the stars?


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