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Chocolate Stories: Giraudi Among the Piedmontese Excellences

News provided by Giraudi.

In the book, "Stories of Chocolate in Turin and Piedmont", written by Clara and Gigi Padovani and published by Edizioni del Capricorno, an important space is found by the Castellazzo Bormida (AL) company Giraudi. The publication, dedicated to the food of the gods, cites Giacomo Boidi's brand as one of the 64 excellences historic Piedmontese in the world of chocolate. “It's a complex world, that of chocolate, everything from discover. I thought so forty years ago and I still think so" declares the master chocolatier Giacomo Boidi. "[An] author's book, like that of the experts Gigi and Clara Padovani, is very useful for understanding this fascinating world, which has many facets that are unfortunately still unknown. I'm proud to be part of this new chocolate encyclopedia, together with many colleagues I respect. Each company mentioned has its own identity its own, necessary to gain a share of the market and the credibility of the people".


“It is an artisanal company managed today by the Boidi family, descendants of a baker with a mill,

Giovan Battista Giraudi, who began his business in the early twentieth century”. Clara and Gigi Padovani's profile begins from the dawn of the company's history. “Starting from the 1960s, the company experimented with the production of chocolate specialty, until it became, in 1982, Giraudi, now led by his nephew Giacomo Boidi", the master chocolatier who contributed to making it great in Italy and around the world. “In June 2005 it was a modern laboratory was inaugurated in the industrial area of Castellazzo Bormida, where they are produced chocolates, bars, spreads”. If only "Piedmontese hazelnuts" are used, Sicilian pistachio, Apulian almonds" at the end of the card there is space to talk about two of the specialties of Giacomo Boidi: the iconic Pentagons “with many different fillings (fruit jellies, coffee, Tonka beans, gianduia, dried fruit) and spreads, such as Giacometta". Giraudi continues to receive recognition for the goodness of his products, signed by Giacomo Boidi, and now also by his son Davide.


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