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Classic Southern Jezebel Sauce Recipe

Preserves have long been a staple in Southern cuisine, and certain recipes get passed down generations, including lesser-known delicacies that not everyone has had the opportunity to taste - such as Jezebel Sauce.

Jezebel Sauce is a Southern condiment that is characterized by its unexpected twist of sweet and spicy. While many people have never heard of it, Jezebel Sauce has Gulf Coast roots that run deep, and you just have to try the unique dish for yourself to understand it!

The spicy-sweet sauce is an easy burger topping, flavorful sauce for grilled meats, or make-ahead appetizer.

Jezebel Sauce's primary ingredients—pineapple preserves, apple jelly, dry mustard, and prepared horseradish—provide a spicy kick to the fruity sweetness. It's sharp and pungent, but the preserves and jelly take the edge off, so it's great for feeding a crowd!


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