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  • Lynn

Cold Stone Creamery Introduces Barbie-Inspired Flavor

In anticipation of the Barbie movie that comes to theaters on July 21, Cold Stone Creamery is to introducing a new Barbie-inspired flavor: Pink Cotton Candy! Cold Stone Creamery has created two limited-edition signature creations featuring the Pink Cotton Candy ice cream.

"All That Glitters is Pink Creation™ perfectly combines Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Dance Party Sprinkles and Whipped Topping. The Creation captures the very essence of the iconic character with its sweet, dazzling flavors and attention grabbing looks", states the press release. Best Cake Ever! features moist Yellow Cake and Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream with fluffy White Frosting and Dance Party Sprinkles.

The All That Glitters is Pink Creation™ and Best Cake Ever! ice cream cake are already available in Cold Stone Creamery stores nationwide until August 8, 2023.


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