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Company Spotlight: Ambrosi Food USA

"In a world where tradition is often suppressed by scalability, efficiency and 'progress', Ambrosi USA strives to challenge the status quo and to safeguard, and actually elevate, the smaller artisans, and thus the cultural and culinary Italian tradition, through cheese."

Images courtesy of Ambrosi Food USA.

Image courtesy of Ambrosi Food USA.

Ambrosi Group, and their subsidiary Ambrosi Food USA, have been producing, importing and distributing Italian quality cheeses for over 75 years. The company's founder, Ottorino Ambrosi, was a fighter pilot in the Italian squadron, Francesco Baracca, in World War II. The Francesco Baracca squadron served in Russia, Africa and Asia. This air force unit was previously a cavalry unit, so the all of the fighter planes had the image of a prancing horse to pay homage to their origins.

Upon returning from the war, Ottorino Ambrosi founds the Ambrosi company in 1942, utilizing his agricultural background. Ottorino received several medals of honor during his time as a fighter pilot. He was commended for his bravery and humane treatment of opponents. Because of this, he was given permission to use the prancing horse symbol that was displayed on the Francesco Baracca fighter planes as the logo for his dairy company. (Fun fact: Enzo Ferrari, founder of the luxury car manufacturer Ferrari, used the same logo to honor his hometown hero Francesco Baracca.)

In 1994, Giuseppe Ambrosi was appointed president of Ambrosi Group. Giuseppe had visions of taking the Ambrosi Group global, and by the early 2000's, the Ambrosi Group had subsidiaries in France, the UK and the USA. In 2006, Ambrosi Group subsidiary Ambrosi Food USA is created with the vision of bringing its products to North America. According to the Ambrosi Food USA official website, "Ambrosi Food USA was born with the goal of honoring, elevating and thus preserving tradition: culinary tradition, community tradition and motivation to experiment and innovate."

Image courtesy of Ambrosi Food USA.

Today, Ambrosi Group, now headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, imports and distributes authentic Italian cheeses from a number of hand-selected producers. Ambrosi brings authentic Italian cheeses to the American market that would otherwise be obsolete in the United States.

In addition to bringing iconic Italian cheeses to the United States market, in 2019 Ambrosi released the first ever domestically cut line of Italian PDO cheeses. The Millenial line contains 30 PDO cheeses and features transparent packaging with modern, eye-catching labels that pay homage Italy’s culture and iconic landmarks. Ambrosi's handy website features pairing suggestions, storage instructions and beautiful imagery for each of their cheeses. In addition to the Millenial line, Ambrosi Food USA imports and sells full wheels of several other traditional Italian cheeses. Ambrosi makes it easy for American consumers to enjoy and appreciate authentic Italian cheeses.

Don't settle for the get your hands on Ambrosi's delicious, authentic PDO cheeses, use their store locator to find retailers near you!

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