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Company Spotlight: Le Vigne Winery

Typically when wine is discussed the topics that come up are where the vineyards are located, who is the winemaker, what is the meaning of the picture on the bottle?

Most people never really talk about the cellar and the true winemaking process. The cellar master of the winery we are focusing on today does just that on his blog, click here to read all about his winemaking process!

Le Vigne Winery is located in beautiful Paso Robles, California. Cellar Master, Oswaldo Cordova, is passionate about his wine and the entire process that goes with it.

Every day he thinks about the true care that goes into his wine cellars and what it takes to get the grapes from harvest to the bottle, and your table!

Over the years Oswaldo has grown within the company from cellar hand to cellar master! In that time, he has learned a great deal about the winemaking process such as barrel selection, sanitation, and training the rest of the crew on the upkeep of the cellar.

Oswaldo's general duties as a cellar master consist of mentoring the crew to ensure that all sanitation is done properly. He is especially passionate about this part of the winemaking process. Sanitation is of the upmost importance in the winery because of the impact it can have on the wine. Wine can be damaged by bacteria, oxidation, wine residue, or bad yeast among other things. To prevent these things Le Vigne Winery's crew is consistently sanitizing hoses, barrels, tanks, and all other gadgets! To read more about how Cellar Master Oswaldo creates a healthy and clean winemaking process click here to read his blog.

The Estate Vineyard, which is 113 acres of pure beauty, began planting in 1981!

Domenica Estate Vineyard is compromised of nearly 88 acres. The cool, damp air off the Pacific Ocean rushes through the Templeton Gap and dissipates just as it approaches the rolling plains of the western border of the Estrella district. This results in a rainfall at the low end of the range for Paso Robles. Combined with the wide open exposure of the sun as it tracks over the valley.

Acquarello Estate Vineyard is 33 acres and northeast of the winery. Acquarello translates from Italian to "watercolor", named for the influence of the river across the landscape as it paints itself into the terrain. This vineyard is home to the youngest plantings of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, Sangiovese, and Petit Verdot.

Visit their website here, to explore the many different events Le Vigne Winery holds or book a reservation to experience a beautiful wine filled day!

Saint Angel Triple Cream

Oswaldo's favorite artisan cheeses that are located in the tasting room at La Vigne are Saint Angel, a triple cream soft-ripened cow's milk cheese, and Rattlesnake, a Wisconsin cow's milk cheddar cheese infused with habanero and tequila.

Saint Angel paired with a La Vigne Sparkling is absolutely the way to go for a blissful experience!

The Filippini family history in the Paso Robles area began in the early 1960’s when winery owner, Sylvia Filippini’s, family purchased the property where Le Vigne winery now stands. Hay and cattle were the main commodities until 1982, when the first grapevines were planted!

Le Vigne Winery is the culmination of a love of food, wine and family shared by owners Walter and Sylvia Filippini.


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