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Cookie Mug Toppers Are the Hottest Holiday Food Trend of 2022

What's better than hot chocolate during the holiday season? Hot chocolate paired with a deliciously cute cookie!

Santa Claus, christmas tree, and gingerbread person cookie mug toppers

Cookie Mug Topper Image source: Williams Sonoma.

This holiday season, cute cookie mug toppers are being spotted everywhere from Williams Sonoma and Target to Trader Joes. Because everyone likes to warm up in the winter with a cookie dipped in a hot beverage, these fun little friends hang on the side of your mug so your cookie is never far from your favorite cozy drink. Not only are they super cute and practical, but they make great gifts! Here are some of our favorites.

"These gingerbread person-shaped cookies are designed to hang out on the edge of a mug, just waiting for the perfect moment to be dunked and eaten. Pleasantly sweet and delightfully crunchy, these cinnamon-spiced cookies pair with all manner of holiday beverages — Wintry Coffee, Egg Nog, or a freshly melted Hot Cocoa Ornament are just a few of our favorites."

"These Holiday Mug Huggers from Favorite Day™ are a fun and tasty seasonal treat that the whole family will love. Bursting with classic holiday flavor, they're perfect for entertaining guests, giving as gifts or using to stuff stockings. Plus, if you're hosting a party, they also make a great addition to a festive candy board or snack bar."

"Accessorize your coffee or cocoa with this adorable gingerbread house, designed to perch right on the edge of a mug. Prepared using a traditional gingerbread recipe, the charming edible domicile has an ice-blue snowflake over the door, white "windows" on the side and a sparkling sugar roof. A delicious accessory for hot beverages on Christmas day, it also makes a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift."


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