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Corn Ribs: The Only Way to Eat Corn This Summer

If you're looking for a spectacular and unique side dish for the upcoming summer grill days, you've found it right here. This is THE side dish of the summer! It's not your average piece of corn and it will impress everyone, TikTok content creator @chefthombateman shows how to turn this classic into an elevated finger food.

Corn ribs are going to be the most requested thing by me at cookouts, that's for sure!

After shucking the corn, the first thing he does is cut the cobs in half both by length and width. Then he cuts them again by width to form quarters. Next, he prepares the seasoning blend of salt, white pepper, chipotle, ground cumin, and smoked paprika. Then he makes the dip, which is a blend of sour cream, lime juice, lime zest, and coriander. After this, he deep-fried the corn wedges for approximately 4 minutes. After draining the grease, he adds them to a bowl and tosses them with the seasoning blend. They are now ready to serve with the prepared dip. He explains in the notes that we can also brush them in oil and air fry or bake them, too. I can’t even imagine how wonderful they must taste. Especially alongside juicy ribs, cheeseburgers, and fresh fruit salad.


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