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Day of the Mushroom!

April 16 is Mushroom Day! It has been said that mushrooms were discovered in Paris by a melon grower when he realized that mushrooms were growing on his growth fertilizer. He then supposedly cultivated this new crop and began selling it to high end chefs all around Paris. Thus began the fungi's culinary journey!

Truffles, which are considered a fungi, have a very distinct flavor. They are earthy and have a deliciously musty taste. The aroma is the most desirable quality of the truffle and also what aids in their discovery throughout the forest and fields where they naturally grow!

Female pigs were once widely used for truffle hunting as they were naturally drawn to the truffles' aroma. It became problematic when it was discovered they were eating the truffles they found! Who could blame them?! Now, it is actually illegal in Italy to use pigs to hunt truffles.

The treasured fungi that is truffle is possibly the most expensive food in the world. Don't believe it? In 2010 at an auction in Macau, truffles broke a record with a two pound white truffle sold for over $300,000!

Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy truffle bliss! Give your taste buds the ultimate experience and indulge in some of the best truffle products for Mushroom Day.

Parrano Truffle via Parrano's Instagram

Parrano Truffle is a blending of creamy Gouda and nutty Parmesan with layers of rich flavors of Italian Black Truffles. The adding of the decadent earthy umami flavors of black truffle makes this cheese sure to be the first finished off your plate! Parrano Truffle pairs well with honey, walnuts, focaccia bread, and an earthy Malbec or refreshing Kolsch beer.

Kindred Creamery Forage Mushroom & Scallion Jack Cheese via Kindred Creamery website

Kindred Creamery's Forage Mushroom & Scallion Jack cheese features a savory blend of dark mushrooms, scallions, and a hint of garlic. This smooth and buttery, semi-soft cheese is sure to tempt your palate!


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