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This Super Gourmet Burger Was Once the Most Expensive Burger in the World!

In an attempt to bring American and French flavors together, famous French chef Daniel Boulud created the DB Burger.

At the time of its creation, Guinness Book of Records declared it the most expensive burger in the world at $29 (≈$35 today). Since then, extravagant burgers created for the sole purpose of being super expensive have stolen the DB Burger's title.

According to a February 26, 2020 article by Rachel Tan of the Michelin Guide, "The Original DB Burger stands tall and proud on a plate: a thick meatball of ground sirloin wrapped around red wine-braised short rib meat that envelopes, in turn, a hunk of foie gras. This sits on a bed of crisp frisée lettuce and tomato confit, and between a brioche-like potato bun that is topped with parmesan, cracked pepper and poppy seeds."

If ordered during truffle season, diners can request two layers of shaved Périgord truffles to be added to their DB Burger.

You may think that the truffle and foie gras contribute the most to the high price tag of this dish, but it is in fact the braised short ribs. Making the braised short ribs is a timely and labor intensive process. The short ribs "are braised with chopped truffle and mirepoix in red wine for four hours till they are fall-off-the-bone tender".

The recipe for the DB Burger has not changed since its original creation over 20 years ago. The DB Burger can be purchased at the DB Bistro & Oyster Bar in Singapore for S$48. Formerly, it could be purchased at the New York location, but this location has since closed its doors.

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