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  • Lynn

Discover Brie Noir

Brie Noir (Black Brie) is aged for up to two years, as opposed to the average aging period of 5-10 weeks for the regular Brie that we all know and love.

Speaking of the Brie we all know and love, Brie Noir bears little resemblance to it. It has a dark brown, hard paste and very crumbly texture. This special cheese is extremely hard to find outside of the region of Seine-et-Marne, France. Tasters of Brie Noir state that it has a strong, bitter and acidic taste, with nutty, mushroom notes. This strong, complex flavor is the reason that many locals prefer it dipped in coffee!

According to Atlas Obscura, "The cheese’s origins likely lie in the people of Seine-et-Marne leaving surplus and misfit Brie to age longer. Soft, gooey Brie graced monarchs’ tables; Brie Noir became a staple for local laborers and a reminder of home for soldiers in World War I trenches".


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